TechPhx | The New PodcampAZ

When it comes to events focused on non-geek, beginner-type techies in the greater Phoenix area, no one event comes to mind more so than PodcampAZ. This year, in an effort to rejuvenate attendance, reach new people and to be able to explain exactly what the volunteer-led event is all about, they switched the name to TechPhx.

“It began as PodcampAZ, a national unconference focused on podcasting community,” Organizer Dani Cutler said. “Phoenix evolved it into video, blogging, web design, social media, etc.”

With that name change brought more focus on teaching and renewed interest in learning about how social media integrates with technology and business — along with a universal EventDay ticketing system that works on PC and Mac via any major browser.

While our service has worked great on any browser, the task of creating a universal printer app has been a project we’ve long been excited to unveil. Any laptop, along with a DYMO label printer and internet access, can be paired with a smartphone using our app to creating on-demand ticketing with all the usual check-in services we’ve always used.

“It was nice to have someone outside to scan QR codes to print out name tags,” Cutler said.

Our reports say TechPhx had 170 attendees over both days of their early November event, and each were scanned, badged at our registration table and registered in the database. We’re proud to be able to contribute to local, volunteer-run events like this, and know that they are important steps in creating a culture of discovering, making and doing.

Like Pressnomics over the same weekend, TechPhx was focused more on conversations than lectures.

“We all were very pleased with the speakers — 42 in the end, “Cutler said. “The speakers really liked the energy — more casual, more of a conversation…really happy with it.”

Looking forward to again helping out in 2013.