Event Giveaway Idea | Storyboards From Sessions

It’s tough to hand someone a presenter’s slide deck; sending it digitally feels a little impersonal and no business card can truly capture the energy of a great presentation. Short of requiring all your presenters to have a book-type giveaway, there is one fantastic way to both convey important information and make it something worth holding on to.

No, it’s not an infographic.

It’s a storyboard. Long trapped in artist notebooks because they, well, quite honestly they just don’t show up at many conferences, storyboards are excellent ways to capture the spirit of both a conference and a presenter while allowing for analog and digital portability. At this week’s Reinvention Summit 2 (Tyler attended in exchange for recording and promoting it), Amanda Lyons captured each session visually.

While most of us walked away with doodles and text notes that we’ll loathe to review later, Amanda’s approach is valuable and unique enough to be sold to attendees that don’t like to take notes or prefer not to. Images like these would look great as handouts, index cards, or iPads. We could see vendors or sponsors giving them to attendees with their information on the back, even.

While such detailed pieces wouldn’t work well as presentation slides, surely they would the coolest flash cards any of us have ever used. What a fantastic way to help attendees with a problem they likely didn’t know they had!

Storyboards could also be used to promote specific channels or tracks, introduce behind-the-scenes colleagues, sponsors or customers and as advertising for other conferences.

While finding a visual designer like Amanda might not be easy, we bet it would be worth it to be different.

Do you have any giveaways that work particularly well? Ever tried something like this?