Marketing Automation | Are you doing it wrong?

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To those outside the marketing industry, automation — when it comes to customer relationships — seems like a misguided attempt at best. Customers want personalization, they want custom solutions, and they want to pay as low of a price as possible, often no matter the hit in quality.

Marketing automation is easy to abuse, especially when software makes it easy for us to trigger emails based on singular actions, rather than a more comprehensive set of customer behavior. Now, don’t think marketing automation is somehow wrong, unethical, or not worth the time; the very opposite is true, but only as long as you’re taking the time to align your automated tactics with both your company goals and your (potential) customer interests.

Companies like HubSpot do a fantastic job of putting customer actions into larger groups, but then focusing on specific, personal steps within.

Align Channel Messages
HubSpot is very good in keeping their marketing in sync, whether it’s email, social media, or signage at an event. By sticking to a common theme across all channels, there’s a greater chance recipients will understand and act when given the opportunity.

Customize Each Outlet
If you advertise a service on your website, do you use that same copy or html in an email? Is the Twitter post just a shorter version? How about Facebook, is there anything specific there? Each touch point (website, mobile(?), social media, email) has a different style and a different interaction process. No one wants to see the same content copy and pasted across channels. We all know how annoying PDF flyers are, right?

We’re always amazed to see people still using Outlook as a customer database. Sure, good options are going to cost a little bit of money, but companies like Infusionsoft pride themselves on creating great value for small businesses, so why not give them a try instead of only using MailChimp and your own email program? Both EventDay and LoopLogic integrate seamlessly with Infusionsoft, making it easy to create branded, relevant content across all your marketing channels.

Can’t wait for a world of customized, automated holiday cards that don’t read generically. How fun would that be?