How To Create A Facebook Event

There’s no site more visited than Not Google, not YouTube and not whatever gambling site grandparents can’t seem to play enough. While Facebook may not always be the best choice (emphasis on MAY) for advertising, it absolutely is a fantastic place for promotion and makes it easy.

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Facebook events are easily accessible by anyone with internet access, are automatically added to users’ calendars and have reminders that you don’t have to worry about setting. Here are a few tips, assuming you already have Fan Page, in getting an Event Page to work for you:

Invite interested people
We can’t stress this enough: don’t spam all your fans and followers! No potential attendee likes to be inundated with useless information, especially on sites that are more personal, like Facebook.

Use lists to group people to invite
We often sort our followers/fans by geography, interest and business type. This way we can quickly invite all the small businesses in the Phoenix metro area to an event about cars without much hassle. Lists may seem a hassle at first, but they make organizing much easier.

Clearly explain the RSVP process
It’s really easy to say yes to an event on Facebook and then not show up, making it an unreliable indicator of attendance for anyone with money and space constraints. We like to use Facebook as a simple way to invite and promote events, but then ask everyone to RSVP by a certain date at a specific URL. Don’t use a URL shortener for the RSVP link, that can be confusing on Facebook.

Include recognizable pictures of something significant
Planning a holiday party? Show an image of your CEO in a Santa hat – if he/she approves. Developer’s conference? Show a developer or, if you can really swing it, lines of code that can be read. The point is to be specific about the type of event you’re hosting. Potential guests can be just as wowed by great imagery as they can great planning and a plethora of instructional topics.

Make time or location updates here
The people who really want to go to your party will RSVP on Facebook and your site, so be sure to note any changes to your event on both your site and the Facebook event page, if only to remind your most excited attendees. There is no such thing as too much information.

What say you about Facebook events? Worth it, if only as a promotional tool?