Is Trust Better Than Control?

perfection, brasilia april 2006

Much of what event planners do is based on precision. Not in the micro sense — unless you’re a choreographer, I suppose — but in the macro: to maximize efficiency and save costs, repeatable tasks requiring precision should be automated or outsourced.

By this we don’t mean outsourcing outside the country, but rather outside your team, department or company. You have to hire others to be where you can’t be, to do what needs to get done.

The below video discusses what managers should do when employees are using public social media sites to talk to customers, talk about your company and sharing their thoughts on your industry. This situation exists in thousands of companies worldwide, but it’s not a new thing.

Event professionals have dealt with this for years and decades. Nearly every event, these event planners train and unleash employees to deal with attendees without any real control over what they’ll say, how they’ll say it or where they’ll say it. While absolute control may be necessary for security and efficiency reasons (high-profile guests or where timing is important), trust works far better in the long term.

According to California Psychics, healthy relationships are built on trust. This trust empowers people to make better decisions, learn from their failures and eventually, earn the trust of their colleagues and bosses.

Seeing as how trust is a far better long-term solution, what are you doing to instill trust in your staff?