Microsoft BizSpark One Shares Praise

May The Fourth Be With You!

It’s great to be recognized by the boss, praised by family/friends and rewarded by clients. The feeling that we’re doing something worth their time fuels the fire to keep stretching ourselves and improving our service, regardless of the hours and late nights.

But when you’re complimented by people you consider your peers and colleagues, the praise feels a little different. No, you likely won’t get a raise from such, nor will the praise increase your bottom line, but there’s a feeling of accomplishment and validation that only someone on your level can give.

Thanks to Microsoft BizSpark One for sharing some love today. From the article:

“It’s really great to have smart people working on our behalf, and the BizSpark feedback is invaluable for building our company,” says EventDay co-founder Scott Cate. “Because EventDay has grown totally organically, using all our own money, we focus our decisions on a few key criteria: does it work? Is it efficient? And what’s the impact on our wallets? Our BizSpark advisors help to amplify our business and marketing efforts so we can continue building on our early success, and the Windows Azure technology base allows us to put our precious personal dollars toward software development rather than systems administration. These things are a really big deal to a startup like EventDay.”

As one of the 45,000+ BizSpark startups, we can’t thank them enough for the assistance they’ve provided. As Cate said, the combination of BizSpark advisors and Windows Azure technology has allowed us to focus on what matters most: how to solve customer problems.

The less time we have to seek out advice and/or system administration, the more resources we can allot to making EventDay a fantastic company for our employees, our clients and our industry.

While we may never be able to assemble a team of actual superheroes, it feels good to know we can be just as accomplished.