I’m Sorry, your name is not on the list.

I love speaking at Events. It’s a passion I have to be on stage and both learn from the audience as well as share knowledge learned over the years. This situation just happened again to me recently, and in fact I’m myself guilty of this in the past at my own events.

Here is the setup…. I arrive a day early to prepare for my talk and I approach registration to pick up my name badge. I’m the first speaker to arrive which is normal. I’m also two hours early for my flight. It’s part of my low stress life-style. Anyway, back to the reg desk. The conversation is something like this …

Staff: Your name please?
Me: Scott Cate
Staff: Hmm, I don’t see you here.
Me: Try “C” or “K” sometimes my last name is spelled wrong?
Staff: No, not on the list, did you register?
Me: I’m a Speaker for tomorrow.
Staff: (Puzzled Look) …. We don’t have …..

And you get the point of this post.

Long story short … if your event is using Name Badges and Security Credentials, don’t forget to register your speakers.

P.S. #EventProfs ProTip : Check with your presenters ahead of time if they plan on bringing a guest or spouse. It’s a nice VIP touch to have these credentials ready as well. If guests/spouse isn’t allowed, you should communicate that well in advance to avoid a potentially uncomfortable situation.

Badge Design and Options

We’re particularly proud of our badge design philosophy. We’ve attended far too many events with sloppily written, stick-on name tags that fall off quickly and aren’t very legible.

Our badges can be designed to include any information you’d like, including large first names, QR codes, conference logos, perforated email tags, drink/raffle tickets and/or schedules.

While we recommend making badges for badge holders, we do use Dymo label printers to create stick-on name badges for one-day or shorter events. As Scott Cate mentions in the video, stickers tend to fall off easily, adhere poorly to fancy tops and tend to be disliked by women in blouses.

Let us know if you have any questions. Scott is always up to talk badge design and our many options.