Where do your email replies go?

As an attendee, you’ve just registered for an event, and you’re EXCITED! It’s going to be so great. Your inbox DINGs and there it is. Your Receipt! CONFIRMED! YES!

Now you have a question, and instinctively reply to the email.

OK ^^^^^ that is the setup.

All-to-often I see these email receipts sent from [email protected] email addresses. Why would you not want your attendees to reply? Well….. maybe you’re selling tickets to an anonymous attendee. Like a sports game, a concert, a band gig. These nameless attendees just need a fast pass to get in the door, but don’t need a name tag.

It’s my opinion that every ticket holder should have an email contact back to customer service. Should that reply to email address be you? The single Event Organizer from @EventBrite or @EventDay ?

I think not. I would call it best practice to setup an event alias that can be broadcast to an array of customer service representatives.

Even for smaller events it’s nicer to use an alias. Get 2 or 3 volunteers in your organization to watch the alias distribution list.

You’ll have a better attendee experience if you have a small team that can answer quick questions, or forward on questions to the correct channels for more difficult scenerios.

At the end of the day, you are asking for the special in person time with these attendees. The least you could do is answer there questions.