Integration Points with Infusionsoft

EventDay offers two key points that integrate with Infusionsoft. There are other integration points as well, but these are the two main integration points.

Infusionsoft collects data easily with forms, payments, user data, and everything you need to know about who is coming to your event. Once you set up an EventDay Event, you can create a ticket and then, with that ticket, you can **IMPORT** contacts from Infusionsoft based on users with a specific tag. Then when the attendee checks into the event via mobile, web (with printers, iPhones, and QRCodes) the user will be automatically tagged with an “{My Event Name} Event Attended” tag.

Lead Generation
If you have sponsors for your event, this feature lets you securely grant access to the attendee data, to each sponsor. Instead of just handing over a list of all attendees, our system lets the attendee opt into each sponsor. During a conversation, the Sponsor (using Android or iPhone) can scan a QRCode on the attendee badge, and automatically have the attendee data injected into their own Infusionsoft account (and optionally start an action set, or apply a tag).

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