Do we need Unpublished Session Titles?

We have a dilemma. A current customer with a 2500-person event has made a feature request that we’re not sure if we custom build just for them or add to our basic software configuration. While we know it’s not smart to build any software for one specific company, this feature could be useful to others.

In the above video, co-founder Scott Cate talks about an upcoming event product launch that is meant to be kept secret from the audience. The big reveal will be during the keynote, and the rest of the event consists of classes designed to make working with the client’s new product easier.

Ideally, they’d like to be able to set up speakers, sessions and tracks but NOT publish them until after the keynote. The programming to do this takes time, and we’re wondering how many event organizers out there would find this kind of feature useful. Anyone with an unconference (speakers/sessions are chosen the morning of the event), a product launch (the need for secrecy, obviously) or some kind of members-only information could use this.

Do you see yourself needing unpublished session titles? Is the ‘big’ reveal something your attendees would appreciate? Is the ability to add a bit of mystery to your event worth it?

Let us know!