Setting up your EventDay Mobile App

When you download EventDay.WF (Work Flow) from the Marketplace, you’re downloading the same app everyone else in the world is. In order to Configure your Mobile App, to work with your Event, The app asks you to scan a Configuration code. This is an instruction set, that we have embedded into a QRCode. It’s pretty nice. You simple scan the QRCode, and the app is ready to use.

One complication is, that we do have several places in the App, where we display QRCodes, and a common mistake is to try and scan the Marketing URL QRCode, in which case the Application (on your phone) shows an error. In this example, Windows Phone is showing the Error. (We also support Android, and IPhone, which would show the same error).


Here is a quick Screen Shot, that shows the Appropriate Mobile Setup Code.

  1. 1. Open Settings
  2. 2. Click on Mobile Setup
  3. 3. Scan the QRCode


Special Thanks to Twitter Power User: @SaramgSilva for her help on this post!

Introduction to EventDay Evaluations

Built into EventDay is the ability to collect both anonymous and named (from tickets) evaluations. Setting this up is easy, fast, and you’ll be collecting data in just a few minutes.
This screencast walks you through setting up a new eval from scratch, and is meant to be an introduction to Evals in General.
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How do I create an EventDay Account?

It is dead simple to create an account. Just sign-in using an existing email or social account (such as Facebook). We take it from there.

This way you don’t have to remember yet another username and password! ( Try it Now)

EventDay Sign In

Add BCC’s to all Email Templates

We have added a nice new feature that let’s you get a blind carbon copy (BCC) for each Email Template. A template is the mail merge template you setup, that will later get used as part of a transaction (like a Confirmation Email). Say you have an invitation only VIP ticket, and 20 invitations have been sent out for that ticket. You can put yourself, or the event owner (or both??) on the BCC line highlighted below. Simply comma separate a list, and you’re good to go. This way, when you Super VIP accepts your registration, you’ll get a copy of the email confirmation.
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Before and After: It’s the Little Things

As an Event Planner, sometimes you work on something for so long, and you put so much effort into the big things. You also watch that little things don’t fall through the cracks. So much time and energy we spend on our Events. As Event Planners, THAT’s what we do right? We solve problems, and as Event Planners, we won’t give up until it’s perfect. We strive for perfection. We are perfectionists. That’s what makes us great.

For Example. Big Things. AV. F&B. Travel. Speakers. Sponsors. You work on these BIG details for many months. Little things (but equally important). The Chairs being straight. Clean carpet. Directional Signage that is angled just right. Plates and Utensils laid out to avoid bottlenecks. Big things and little things all matter equally, to pull off an amazing event.

Today, we’re releasing a little, tiny, teensy, weensy feature, that makes a BIG deal. This feature didn’t take weeks or months to plan, it took just a few minutes to execute, but it’s going to make all our lives better, saving us just a few seconds here and there. To the average person, they might think this is no big deal, but as an Event Planner, I hope you can share with me, the excitement and satisfaction, and clarification this new feature brings. Wow, that’s some build up! The Feature: “Better Row Highlighting”. Wait? What? Take a look. This is before January 12th, 2014.

EventDay Old Row Highlighting

And this is after (today). We’ve always had row highlighting, but for some reason, over the last four years, the row highlighting has been almost the same color as the alternating row (light gray). Now look below, at how crisp and clear, you can instantly tell what row you’re working on.

EventDay New Row Highlighting

Now when I look at any table/grid in EventDay, I can easily see what actions I’m taking, just because of a better row color highlighting. This makes me feel like I just walked into the Biggest Event of my life, and I see all the chairs are perfectly aligned. I know there is a lot of other details for my Event to be flawless, BUT, the instant satisfaction of seeing those chairs so perfectly aligned makes me so happy and … well … if you’re an Event Planner, you know what I’m talking about. For everyone else, we now have better row highlighting!


Ideas for a better Panel Discussion inside your Event!

Andy Johnson at The Idea Group Atlanta blog, has a great post this week titled, “Three Ways to Make Panel Discussions More Engaging, Authentic & Honest“.

These are great ideas! We would like to add another. We generally think Open Mic is a bad idea. With open mic you have ….

  • Limited Number of Questions that can be asked during precious time
  • The Mic hog, who is self promoting
  • Anti Questions – Asking about colorful questions that put Exec’s on the spot
  • Worse Questions – Airing dirty laundry
  • Heavy Accents – Hard to understand / interpret the question
  • No Log of Questions – Who Asked What?
  • Only the loud outspoken are heard

Instead at @EventDay we like to recommend Digital Question and Answer. This can be done via Twitter, Text Message (SMS), Native Mobile APP, or a Web Page, and can even be locked down to only those attendees in the room for private conversations! The major benefits of digital Q&A are …

  • Logging all questions (Good and the bad)
  • Cherry Picking – Instead of 5-10 Open Mic questions, you can get 100’s of questions, and then cherry pick questions that are appropriate to the panel.
  • Full transparency, or Privacy. Some events show publicly all questions asked (Reddit Style), while others only Main Stage the approved Questions
  • Optionally Attract a larger audience online via Twitter
  • Spam Control – Front Door Accept or Decline questions. Accepted Question show Backstage.
  • SME (Subject Matter Expert) Moderation – What questions are going to make the main stage?
  • Tied in with Digital Signage, Questions can be Displayed on the Main Stage, Branded to your Event.
  • Before a Question hits the Main Stage, they can be displayed on a Preview Monitor to Give the Panel a heads up on what’s coming.

There is a lot of discussion here, this should get your creative juices flowing.

Panels can make or break your event! Add a little EventDay Technology to give your Panel Talks the upgrade they deserve!

Adding Ticket Holder Notes

As a team working on your event, it’s great to keep notes on your attendees. Notes about a conversation on the phone, or a cancellation, or substitution. Or … well, whatever you want really. EventDay has a nice feature that let’s you not only add notes, but also find those notes quickly on a specific ticket.