Who’s Going By Eventbrite

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It happens before every party, event or get together. It’s something people swear doesn’t matter, but event planners know better. It’s also something that can be easily shared with those who want to know. What is it? It’s this simple question:

So…who else is going?

While it’s certainly easy for event planners to be personally offended at the question, we don’t think it’s asked out of disrespect for whomever is in charge. People asked because we’re social animals, and we like to be around people that interest us. We’re certain this question will always be asked, so instead of finding ways to not be offended, why not answer before it’s even a question?

Eventbrite already has. Their “Who’s Going” feature matches attendee information with their Facebook profile, enabling potential and current attendees to discover who else will be there before they even think to ask.

For all you privacy wonks out there, don’t worry, the feature can be turned off, but we bet most people will leave it on. Here’s why:

Skip The Small Talk
A little bit of advance research never hurt anyone, so why not use this feature to find more about other attendees? No more wasting time talking name, job title or position, making it easier for attendees to talk about something meaningful.

Make Early Connections
Those looking to make an early impression would be well served to contact attendees before the event starts. While we don’t recommend businesses mine personal data to invite attendees to marketing events, a quick cup of coffee near the registration table does wonders for relationship building.

Gauge The Crowd
Let’s face it, events aren’t for everyone. The Who’s Going feature makes it easy to discern who’s coming to town for the event, allowing those who may not attend in person a chance to meet those people somewhere else, even virtually.

Events are all about making connections, and we think features like Eventbrite’s Who’s Going will do plenty to facilitate that, which allows event planners to focus on more technical aspects.

Will we see you on the Who’s Going page?