Stories Make Business Happen

Seth Godin once wrote a book titled ‘All Marketers are Liars“. He was not lying.

Changing Gears
But now that technology has shifted, consumers have grown wary of advertising. And as marketing threatens to invade every digital channel we use, Seth tells a slightly different story. He talks about how authenticity and storytelling are the future of not only marketing, but customer services, sales, advertising and any other kind of product or service promotion.

Tales From?
Telling stories of customer success is what we’re hoping to do. Whether our service eliminates the need for pricey ticket services, speeds up check-in or helps event organizers print easier to read name badges, these simple victories are not only the stories we want to share with the world, but the reason that drives each service tweak and UI improvement.

Reinvention Summit with Michael Margolis
During Reinvention Summit 2, Day 3 yesterday, participants learned how Mike Koenigs makes customers the heroes of his business stories. Each of them has used his product to overcome some obstacle, and many of these tales follow the generic hero storytelling arc. This distinction of customers as heroes is right on, but far too many businesses ignore such teachings.

Who’s Your Hero?
Instead, businesses want to make their product, service or employees the hero of the story. They want to be seen as the white knight rescuing the damsel in distress, when successful businesses TRUE role should be as the sword, shield and horse. Let your customers be the knight. They’re the ones overcoming.

Nominations Welcome
We plan to share customer successes on this blog in the upcoming months, but first would like to know what you need from an online registration and event check-in service. Low fees? High-end equipment? Great staff? Easy setup? Interoperability with all major platforms? And analog version that works on a typewriter (kidding)?

Let us know what you’re looking for, and we’ll help you become the hero of your very OWN story.