Happy 3rd Birthday To Gangplank Anchor Pagely!

Startups are hard. Most startups fail. They take hours of work, more resources than you likely have and a little bit of luck.

Whenever a startup morphs into a full-fledged business, it’s reason to celebrate. When that startup makes it to its third year of existence, an even bigger celebration is deserved.

Fellow Gangplank anchor Pagely, run by Josh and Sally Strebel, have decided to celebrate their third birthday by thanking their customers in the best way they know possible: saving them money. Starting September 1 and continuing for a limited time, all managed WordPress hosting plans are $19/month.

With no contracts and zero cancellation fees, this offer from Pagely is a perfect opportunity to start that blog you’ve always wanted, to delve into the fascinating world of WordPress Multisite or give as a gift to anyone wanting to establish a web presence beyond a free offer.

Without further ado, here’s a cat video.

See you next year!