Fees, Fees, Fees — What Should We Charge

While companies often ask clients and customers what they want, they very rarely ask what they want to pay. In a little thing we call our “Pricing Poll” we hope to solicit feedback from you, the potential customer, about what you would expect to pay for a service that facilitates ticketing for your event.

There are companies that provide this service today (e.g., Cvent, regonline.com and EventBrite). Depending on the type of event and the price of the ticket, these services charge somewhere between 2% – 10% for managing the registration and ticketing flow. Most of these services provide free ticketing for free events.

So, our question is, what should we charge you for helping to manage the ticketing process? This question pertains to paid events / paid tickets only. Again, free events will always enjoy free ticketing from EventDay.