Fail Fast(er)!

While we all want to achieve success, I now think it can only be done through a lot of failure. Sure it would be nice if King Midas were on our team, but unfortunately he’s not. In past projects I have been a perfectionist to a fault. Spending too much time over producing and over engineering software. And to be honest, nothing was ever perfect, even after trying so hard (and so long) to get it that way.

Today, with EventDay, we are no longer striving for perfection out of the gate. First we’ll throw two or three or ten ideas against the wall, and see what sticks. Find out what customers like and don’t like. What they like, we’ll make better. What they hate, we’ll rework or ditch completely. Perfection will come through the art of failure and correction, not getting it right the first time.

Failing fast allows for corrective action, while we still have motivation, funding, and customers.

If you see us doing something you don’t agree with, please let us know so we can try to fix it, or stop doing it all together. And our commitment is that we’ll try not to proof read our own work, and take the constructive criticism as it comes, with open arms.

Thank You!