Tradeshow Marketing Done Better

Before the web ruined changed everything, reaching a lot of people required a lot of money. TV time, print advertising and billboards don’t come cheap, putting them out of reach for all but event planners with huge corporate budgets.

Ambion auf der Best of Events 2011

Marketing used to be the same way, especially if event planners wanted to showcase images, products and people from previous events. Photographers must be hired, prints must be made and checks must be written. There was no way for a normal person with no budget to share what they think would interest others without a lot of walking.

Times have changed. Now one person with a smartphone can reach thousands of people. While this opens up event marketing opportunities to anyone, it has brought about a glut of half-ass marketing attempts by people just going through the motions.

Tradeshow Guy wrote a great post on the 7 Ways Your Social Media Tradeshow Marketing Sucks and we’re going to add a few of our own thoughts. Ready?

Not Taking And Sharing Photos
First of all, WHY AREN’T YOU? Even if you’re not a photographer, surely one of every five pics you take could be usable for future or even current marketing purposes. Shoot, edit, publish. 20 minutes, maybe?

Posting Consistently
Twitter’s stream moves pretty fast. Unless your market stares at their feed all day, it’s a good bet it may take a mention or five to get their attention. Tweet more, no one is going to arrest you.

No Video
Video is hard! Lighting is never right! Audio is terrible! All of those things are true, yet most people don’t care (don’t believe me? Check out the popular YouTube videos). People like to see themselves and their friends, so focus on shooting faces and you’ll do great.

No Blog Mention
Seriously? Do we even need to explain why you should be promoting yourself via your own URL?

Not Enough Good Content
Share more stories. People like reading stories, even short ones.

Thinking That Each Tweet/Update Equals A Sale
Social media is just like any other conversation, it takes more than once to establish a relationship. These weak connections will need more than just a ‘buy it now’ link.

You’re Not Involved At All
In that case, you’re probably not reading this. Hope you’re still around next year!

Nice work, Tradeshow Guy. Looking forward to more spontaneous…collaboration. 🙂