Old Favorites, New Thinking


While growing up, my house had a specific order of operations when it came to learning how to cook. We’d start with the REALLY simple stuff like ramen, move on to the slightly more complicated — melting butter — macaroni and cheese, and then the ultimate boxed meal for many kids, those with kids and those who want to make something that kind of tastes like a meal but can be prepared in nowhere near the time, Hamburger Helper.

While we don’t eat Hamburger Helper nearly as much as we used to, there’s no doubt the idea behind such a product still looms large in our lives. Moira Edwards recently posted on SocialFish about how starter recipes are like tech in that they allow more of us to make almost-as-good recreations of meals too complicated or time consuming to create right now.

While many of us see tech like laptops, smartphone and tablets as tools not unlike screwdrivers or hammers, it’s important to remember that the ability to use software on these hardware devices is what we’re really after.

Who knows what you can create when you:

Combine existing web analytics with embedded video?
Say hello to LoopLogic.

Mix up WiFi, mobile devices and a cloud server?
EventDay says hi.

Use automated marketing tools to save your time for important, face-to-face encounters?
Infusionsoft is great for that.

Combine embedded video, with analytics, into mobile devices via a cloud server, all wrapped up with automated marketing tools that feed into a CRM?
By gosh, you could be running an entire small business, or an event, or your next community get together.

We’re certainly not saying that new tech should take a backseat to old favorites, but we believe that real business success happens when you stop thinking about the tools and start focusing on the end product.

Who knows, maybe you’ll create something even better than Lasagna Hamburger Helper (yum).