What If The Avengers Were Your Event Staff?

The event planning business works through a lot of what ifs. Good planners need contingency plans in case of inclement weather, entertainment not showing up, supplies not arriving on time, vendors not properly set up and, in the case of a malicious act, fire or vandalism, an evacuation plan.

Most of these risks can be mitigated with proper planning. But what if your task was a little bit more daunting than most? What if your event was so important that it required a super kind of security not found at most events? What if you were able to hire The Avengers for your staff? Where in the heck would you put them?

That’s easy. Read on for quick tips on how to use Black Widow, Hawkeye, The Hulk, Iron Man, Thor, Captain America and Nick Fury to their full capacity at your next event. But just like the Dream Team, you can’t just throw together a bunch of people really good at what they do, you MUST assign them tasks that take advantage of their talents.

Nick Fury

Nick Fury, Event Coordinator
This is almost too easy. As the sort-of leader of The Avengers, Fury is at his best when he’s giving orders and running interference to keep manager-types away from his people. He’s your guy for dealing with vendors, corporate bosses, accounting and anyone else with a stake in your event. Also, people listen to him, which must be his special power.

Black Widow

Black Widow, Vendor Liaison
As she proved in Iron Man 2, Black Widow is fantastic at blending in and either helping clients get what they want or reporting back to her bosses about whatever they are doing. Because liaisons have ever-changing job duties, anyone assigned as such better look as good on the dance floor as they do in the boardroom, with enough brains to know when it’s time to use brawn. Of all The Avengers, there’s no one better suited.


Hawkeye, Videographer
What good is a guy that can hold stuff to his shoulder and aim it at a conference? Well, unless you like your video footage out of focus, off-center or just plain bad, Hawkeye certainly is the man for the job. His athleticism and ability to shoot (see what I did there?) from any position ensures your conference video will look nothing like anyone else’s conference video. Just be sure Hawkeye is loaded with extra SD cards, not projectiles.

Captain America

Captain America, Customer/Client Support Services
His ability to sing and kinda dance aside, Captain America’s best trait is his ability to gain trust from those around him. From leading captured soldiers back to camp to helping attendees find places to eat and work, Cap is an everyman dressed in a fancy outfit. If you’re looking for someone that your customers can identify with, there are few better than a skinny nerd in a buff guy’s body.

The Hulk

The Hulk, Shipping
The Hulk is strong enough to carry cars, can jump high enough to not need elevators and tough enough to get all the heavy lifting done without needing OSHA-approved safety equipment or a room full of union guys. While he can get a bit surly, surely The Hulk is no worse than your stereotypical union foreman. Be sure to have labor on hand for backup, as The Hulk tends to be bad at hiding his frustration.

Iron Man

Iron Man, Stage/AV/Conference Technician
Is there anything Iron Man can’t do? If Tony Stark can build it, Iron Man could blow it up. If Iron Man can’t blow it up, Stark could build a weapon that could. Iron Man is resourceful, technically skilled and comes equipped with far more than a simple tool belt and a few extra batteries, making him ideal for running the most intricate, complicated and important part of your conference: the technology. And if everything fails, he can ditch the suit and tell Tony Stark stories all day.

While we may never be able to employ a super hero group like The Avengers, there’s no argument that the best event staffs are complementary and work well when each person is assigned tasks suited to their abilities. Remember this when you’re handing out assignments for next time!