Taster, Tastemaker, Change Agent or Change?

Anything that’s large and oft repeated fears change. Corporations, assembly lines, business events, freeway systems and the newspaper industry fall into this category. Each of these has built their success on formulas that, with minor modifications, can be done again and again to build revenue and hopefully profit.

You’re The Best…Around
The best of these aforementioned groups will change, however. They will adapt to changing market conditions, they will evolve to meet customer needs and they will reinvent themselves if necessary to survive.

Nothing Gonna Keep You Down
But only the best of the best are tastemakers. Unlike most of the world, which seeks to sample, try out and taste before deciding, the tastemakers seek to set the new standard of which they think everyone should adhere to or improve on.

Inspiring Guitar Solo
In our business, the idea that smartphones could be used with QR codes to quickly check people in, keep real-counts of attendees and allow vendors and attendees to share information was originally a bit out of reach. Too many companies had locked in on the handheld scanner market and the idea that off-the-shelf, universal hardware could be used to do similar if not better functions than a dedicated piece of equipment was looked at as a pipe dream.

Try And You’ll Succeed
But as the lines between professional and consumer hardware blurs, we’ve seen tremendous improvements in both lessening the cost of deployment (everyone already has a smartphone and the app is free, all costs stem from development and hosting) and shortening the development time (hours or days instead of weeks and months), we know that this new way of doing things is simply part of a larger shift toward self-service software packages.

Thanks to cloud services like Windows Azure, we’re stoked to be able to give people a taste of what’s next.

Now to work on our flavors…