Is Your Staff First Aid/CPR Certified?

Do you know what to do during an accident? Do your first responders (your staff) know proper First Aid and CPR techniques? Is it worth it to spend the money and take the time to train and certify you and your staff in case of injury or sudden illness. We think so.

The American Red Cross sells a variety of first aid kits for $60 or less.

Trained Staff
It would be fantastic if every staffer was CPR certified, trained to use AEDs, knew the disaster-preparedness plan by heart and used to be a paramedic before they entered into the illustrious world of event staffing, but we know that’s not always the case.

Temp Workers
This isn’t something you can control when working with employees from temp agencies, but it is a good idea to offer safety certifications to employees that you’d like to work with in the future. Continuing education may cost a bit up front, but it could lead to better insurance rates, and a near-guarantee that if something bad happens that you’ll be ready and prestige among your competitors.

Insurance Savings?
While we haven’t seen this yet, there’s no question insurance companies are in a constant price war. They, like you, will do nearly anything to reduce liability and improve risk management, so having a safety-certified staff could allow you to negotiate lower premiums as part of your package. We’ve seen plenty of high-risk candidates pay higher rates (smokers, athletes, etc.), so why shouldn’t low-risk candidates pay less?

Risk Management
Risk can’t even be avoided, but it can be mitigated. An interchangeable, trained staff will go a long ways in first responder time, allowing your event to be seen as safe by attendees and sponsors. It’s been said that people show their true colors in times of crisis, and making sure your employees are trained to handle minor incidents will do wonders in not making incidents appear on the nightly news.

Standing out from your competition isn’t always easy to do in this business, and safety regulations are one thing that will allow your company to be better, at least on paper, than the next guy. We recommend publishing studies and videos extolling your staff’s skill in responding to the unexpected, and cornering the market as the safest event organizers out there.

The American Heart Association offers CPR classes around the nation.

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