SEO For Bloggers

Content Nazi Cartoon by HubSpot

Search engine optimization (SEO) has long been the bane of a blogger’s existence. With so much to learn and remember about linking, anchor text, nofollow and site hierarchy, quality content often gets tossed out the window in favor of content that ranks for keywords.

But no matter how often a blogger posts, no matter how awesome the content may be, it will always be (nearly) impossible to rank well on Google without some serious thought in to SEO principles. Though many content marketers will tell you it’s the quality content that counts, they forget the reason for quality content is to achieve links, shares and other promotion.

We recently read a guest post over at on SEO principles, and, while creatively not so interesting, its technical points are dead on.

But how does a blogger learn all this stuff and who has the time to both write quality content AND structure it all so Google indexes and ranks it properly?

We’d love to have answers for all of this, but in completely honesty, ranking highly on Google doesn’t matter for everyone. We’ve noticed that many people likely to click on top Google links are more interested in price than quality, just like the kind of web surfers that repeatedly click on ads.

Let’s just assume that ranking isn’t important, but usability once the user is on site is. Which of’s principles should be followed to make things as easy as possible for users?

1. Make sure your pages link to each other so your link equity is spread out
2. Flatten your blog
6. Put your most valuable keyword as the beginning of your post title

By focusing on making your blog’s information as close to the surface as possible, you’re saving readers time; time that hopefully translates into a positive feeling about your product/service.

And that should translate into sales.

Bloggers need not follow every SEO principle out there, but they need to be aware of them.

See you in the blogosphere!