More Lessons From Presidential Debates For Event Planners

StormTrooper McCain Tries To Exit The Stage On The Wrong Side

Brian Slawin over at the BusyEventBlog recently penned an article on what event planners, speakers and anyone involved in stage happenings during events can learn from our presidential debates. His points include no smirking, telling the truth and that no matter how hard you try, people will believe what they want.

We love his points, and would like to add a few of our own to help speakers be a little more memorable after they walk off stage.

Have Tweetable Comments Ready
Before social media, we called rehearsed one-liners sound bites, as they were perfect for news coverage, talking points and advertising support. While we still have sound bites, Twitter or Facebook will help short, memorable phrases go a long way.

Connect Your Comments
While tweetable comments are great for people to retweet, they’re not that great for explaining complex subjects. By outlining your points under a larger idea, you can share perfectly sized phrases without compromising the level of thinking required to understand the topic your speaker may be explaining.

Think Problem-Solution
Great speakers know that speeches are like sales pitches: introduce the problem, then solve it. Your audience isn’t all that concerned about the what, when and where of whatever you’re sharing, rather the how and why. Stick with it.

Treat The Competition With Respect
Most attendees don’t care why you dislike the other guys, they care what makes you the best at what you do. While presidential debates certainly include verbal jabs — subtle or otherwise — it’s not a good idea to treat others in your industry like lesser people. A rising tide lifts ALL ships, so as along as you communicate how great you are AND how well your competition is doing, you’ll look great.

Be Careful Online
KitchenAid’s snafu during the first debate is a great example of how important it is to keep your personal and business accounts separate. Use different browsers or apps to be completely sure that whatever you’re posting is appropriate for the account it’s being sent from.

Now go vote!