How Do You Promote Successful Company Culture?

There are plenty of companies that advertise themselves to potential employees by talking about perks. From flexible vacation time to catered meals and company retreats to sport courts, perks are a fantastic way to make workplaces more enjoyable. But unless your company culture embraces such amenities as perks and not the main attraction, those perks may wind up unused.

Infusionsoft takes a different route. Instead of constantly promoting their employee perks — though they have plenty worthy of bragging about — they celebrate their company culture, which includes both employees AND clients. The believe so much in this that they just had an event based solely on such, dubbed Culture Unveiled.

With the grand opening of their new Chandler location, Infusionsoft’s commitment to the people that make the company possible is commendable. While this kind of focus on culture just isn’t possible in traditional, top-down corporations, the flatness of Infusionsoft’s organization is what makes it possible.

While this approach has its occasional drawbacks, as it can be easier to have one authoritative figure making all the decisions instead of allowing employees to make the best decision for the situation, we’ve seen their organization in action at multiple InfusionCon events and know it’s absolutely the optimal approach for a company that thrives on helping small businesses succeed.

Straight from Joe Manna:

“We’re off to a great start this year! This morning, our team took a different commute to our new home in Chandler, Arizona. We’re still settling into our new offices, but here is an inside look at our new home. We’d also like to thank the numerous individuals and organizations who have helped us along the way.”

Congrats, Infusionsoft. Can’t wait to see where your company culture takes us.