Is Facebook The Answer For Event Ticket Sales?

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Facebook is good for many things, including keeping up with friends and family, sharing pictures and video and RSVPing yes to events you’re not likely to attend.

Wait, what was that last one? RSVPing to event you’re not likely to attend?

Yep, you read that correctly. Ask any event planner and they’ll tell you the same: a yes RSVP on Facebook means almost nothing. This could be because it’s too easy to say yes, people think that saying no will somehow affect their standing with everyone else that’s invited and because clicking yes keeps you informed on event and invitee happenings.

Our buddies over at the Event Manager Blog think that Facebook can and should be a part of your event marketing strategy, but not necessarily your top choice to record RSVPs.

We like most of their suggestions, but have a few thoughts of our own.

Timed Event Specials
Why not create a ticket buying event open for a limited time? Create an event, invite the people you’d like to attend, and watch them snap up ticket deals. Because we humans are addicted to sales, more tickets will be sold.

Use Tickets As Art
Most tickets have bar codes, some text and a boring image. Why not have an artist create a ticket worth holding on to, or even better, worth hanging up? Surely your audience will take pictures and share the tickets on their page, opening your event up to attendees you may have not thought of.

Create VIP Groups
There are few things better than feeling special. Creating VIP groups with open invite policies allows potential guests to invite anyone they’d like, giving them a bit of ownership in the event. While this may sound exclusive without actually being exclusive, isn’t that a best case scenario for everyone? No one likes an elitist, right?

Facebook can be more than cat pictures, baby images and businesses blatantly trying to sell to people, but only if businesses smart thinking more like the clients they serve.