Event Planning Equipment

While proper planning, healthy budgets, and well-trained staff all contribute to great events, there’s an integral piece of the event experience that cannot be overlooked.

Event planning equipment can make or break your event.

While we’re not saying a business is only as good as its tools, we are saying that purchasing and using the proper tools can make your event registration and check in life a whole lot easier. Because we strive to make all of our software web/universal based, the event planning equipment necessary to create a fantastic check-in experience is widely available, not pricey, and simple to use.

Clicking anywhere on the image below will take you to our custom Amazon page, where you can buy equipment directly from Amazon. While some companies may prefer to rent you some marked-up, proprietary hardware, we think the cost savings from buying it yourself is worth it. Also, the printers are re-usable! Just remember to have a few rolls of badges and ink on hand.

We’ve used and recommend all the products above, and have full confidence they’ll work great for you, too. First, a few notes:

-Buy extra ink right away if your event is more than 100-200 people. Running out during registration isn’t fun.
-A back-up printer is always a great option.
-Don’t buy cheap labels or badges.
-Save the boxes for easy shipping.
-Be sure to have USB printer cables! Not every model comes with one.

Our software is designed to make these devices plug-and-play, but be sure to have an active internet connection when connecting them to your computer for the first time, just in case there are any updates from the manufacturer.

Happy event-ing!

(Disclosure: items purchased through the affiliate links above nets us a small percentage of the sale. Also, we can’t officially troubleshoot the above devices, but our support team will do their best to walk you through any issues you may face, as we’ve likely already experienced them.)