Event Giveaway Tips

Anyone who’s ever attended an event anywhere hopes the takeaways are great. Not tangible goods, but rather the knowledge and experience they’ve gained as a result of them being part of the event.

And we all secretly hope the event giveaway is great, not some tchotchke that you don’t feel good even giving to your kids. We recommend something useful, lasting and worthy of brand association. Just many local restaurants promote their products or offer giveaways via amateur sport schedules, events can offer giveaways item that possess calendars of recommended similar events. Yes, this means you’re giving your ‘competition’ a plug, but pretending similar events aren’t out there is a pretty good recipe for failure.

Do movie fans even like this stuff?

Event giveaways shouldn’t be branded crap that attendees won’t use. While getting your company logo on ANOTHER keychain may fit your budget, you’re likely wasting your money. Why not get something they’ll actually look at again? We recommend:

Branded thumb drives
Load up the thumb drive with calendars in all major formats so people have a reason open the contents. Outlook, iCal and gmail are leading formats. Anything else will likely be immediately erased, as it has no value for the consumer.

Discount/demo/info codes
Everyone likes to save money, feel important and be smarter. By giving out access to one or all of these things, you’re giving customers a little more than what’s expected. These early adopters may be poor reviewers, but they’re great promoters.

Limit your quantities
Most conferences over order everything. They fear they’ll run out and be embarrassed. Don’t do this. Your giveaway item is more valuable if it’s scarce and it prompts people to wonder a bit about how to get something next year.

Make it a game
Try a scavenger hunt type game where participants have to answer questions from other attendees. Sure it sounds cheesy, but it’s a good way to promote interaction between strangers and it’s fun, and a business conference can always use more fun. Make what they find useful or they’ll be unsatisfied.

Don’t buy generic
If you’re going to give away the same thing everyone else does, don’t bother. High-quality food attendees WANT to give to their spouse is always a winner. Just remember that not everything needs to be abundant and certainly not unlimited.

What success have you found with giveaways? Examples?