Do You Know Your AEDs?

As technology becomes cheaper and more available, we’ve seen a proliferation of smartphones, tablets and laptops at every conference. Projectors can be pocket-sized now, and cords for everything but power and seriously high-speed intranet connections are on their way out.

Easy-carry handle!

Advances in tech aren’t limited to handheld productivity devices, however. For at least a decade, Automated External Defibrillators (AEDs) have been publicly available and affordable. They have been credited with saving numerous lives, as the time between cardiac arrest and beginning treatment makes a huge difference.

While this may sound a bit callous, having AEDs available is also great PR. Should a situation arise that requires an AED, prepared event staff can do a good thing AND likely be recognized for it. While we certainly don’t advocate buying one only for the press, it’s a great feeling to know everyone wins.

Though simple to use, AED training should be included with CPR/First Aid training.

AEDs are no longer only available in the most forward-thinking of venues. As large spaces and businesses have adopted the devices, the prices have dropped from $3000 each to right around $1000, which should be a no-brainer purchase for anyone. We’d love to see more event planners or venues themselves provide AEDs, or perhaps give breaks on insurance premiums if such devices are present at the event.

Sites like AED Superstore offer great deals on package deals, which should be enough to convince event planners to have enough on hand for multiple, simultaneous events or incidents.

While AEDs are typically extremely to use and come with clear instructions, it’s important to have trained on them previous. Every staffer with medical training should be familiar with a unit, in case directions become unreadable. Training for AEDs usually includes First Aid and CPR certification, which will drastically improve attendee life expectancy should the unthinkable happen.

Have you ever had to use an AED? What was the experience like? Did it work?