Conference Ideas We Haven’t Seen Yet

The best ideas seem to come when you’re least prepared. Whenever we’re working late at night, early in the morning, between appointments or even on the road, we can’t stop our minds racing from new idea to new idea. Problem is, we barely have enough time to record our breakthroughs before we’ve moved on to our next project.

Life moves pretty fast, doesn’t it? After seeing the artwork by a few kids in our conference room this week, we figured it was time to get a few ideas out there. Warning: these are not complete ideas. They may not even been possible. But maybe they will grow into something else, or maybe they will inspire something completely different. Here we go!

Johnny 5 IS alive.

Roving Robotic Camera
Why not attach a web cam to a computer, add some wheels and give it the Johnny 5 treatment (we mean to mobility, not the electrocution)? Roomba-like technology could keep it from running into people, and think of the video you could capture! The hilarity of attendees treating it like Johnny 5 or R2D2 would be worth the time and money.

Storyboards As Giveaways
We talked about storyboards as event giveaways last week and we’re still surprised no one has offered them yet. Throw them in with conference videos or charge for them separately, as we see these as hot items. If Gaping Void is so successful with drawings on the back of business cards, imagine how useful creative images about interesting content would be! We vote very popular.

Analog Way To Distribute An eBook
For all the strengths of publishing online, an ebook lacks one characteristic that a paperback or hardcover will always be great at doing: you can’t hand it to anyone. Sure, USB keys work, but they get pricey and people lose them. Yes, collecting their business card and emailing them a copy works too, but they have nothing to hold.

Why not solve this with a QR code? Affixed to a business card or 3×5 card (flyers get too messy), a QR code could prompt anyone with a mobile device to send the book to their reader of choice. While PDFs are mostly universal, having mobi or Nook copies on hand will bring smiles to techies.

Follow Along
We’re going to post ideas as they come to our Pinterest account. Feel free to join in the fun.