Get Attendees To Care By Being Human

Jumping Over The 3rd Largest Pyramid In The World

When it comes to teaching businesses how to be more human, there’s no bigger name than Chris Brogan. While the idea that businesses — ya know, groups of humans — need help being themselves may seem a little absurd, one look at your typical corporation or even small business is proof that there’s often a disconnect between customers and employees.

Reasons for this are myriad, as it’s easy to get caught up in the how of business operation while forgetting the why. Because how can be measured (efficiency) and analyzed quite easily — yay spreadsheets — the why, the part that connects customers to your product, service and company using such mystical ideas like emotion, is a bit tougher to assign numbers to.

But explaining the why behind your event is not a complicated process. According to Brogan, all you need is this quick recipe for telling bigger stories:

Ingredients (Pick 2 or 3 of the following):
Connect with an emotion.
Share something useful.
Create a valuable resource.
Give without asking as often as possible.
Be brief and/or entertaining.

No problem, right?

Connect with an emotion
Is gratitude an emotion? How about hope? How about happiness? Whatever you’re looking to share/sell with/to your attendees, there’s an emotion attached to the problem it solves.

Share something useful
This means useful to them, not to you. 30 day demo versions of sponsor software doesn’t help your attendees all that much, while discounted, full versions might.

Create a valuable resource
Whether it’s a catalog of services available, a yearbook of sorts for attendees or a white paper explaining exactly how to do what your attendees really need, give them something they can take away and use.

Give without asking as often as possible
We know businesses need to make money, but they don’t need to receive payment every time they interact with customers. Sharing resources without asking for something in return creates trust and often leads to future sales and referrals.

Be brief and/or entertaining
Do not underestimate this. Don’t waste people’s time.

Time to create our own offer for EventDay’s official launch. Thanks, Chris!