Are Your Geeks Shunning Technophobes?

For years, we assumed the meek shall inherit the Earth. Problem is, they waited so long that the geeks did it first. As nearly every conference goer is at the very least aware of the versatility of smartphones and tablets, it’s time for event planners to cater to the audience we think will soon matter most:

Tablet users.

You see, many tablet users aren’t geeks, they’re your coworkers, your parents, boss, traveling salesperson and community organizer. No longer do touch-based device require a geek to operate, but they’ve moved on to premium use status as a near-commodity item.

Technophobes love iPads, and we bet they’re a love more savvy than anything thinks. But even if they’re not, wouldn’t developing tools for them to use via tablet be a smart business move?

Users first
Our QR-code based check-in system was built with users like this in mind. Not everyone understands how their smartphone or tablet devices work, so a code that works just was well on a touchscreen as it does on a printed ticket is an integral piece of our app strategy.

Wow them
Besides, how cool is it to show technophobes how simple and useful technology can be without burdening them with complicated links, ticket instructions that have more than one step and/or non-transferable or replaceable check-in procedures?

Free your mind
We believe technophobes are no longer the luddites we may be used to, but are simply learning about tech a slower, more comfortable pace. And even though the geeks of the world may find this simplicity less fancy than laser-equipped, NFC-based, self-service check-in programs that require eyeball recognition, we know that the technophobes of today will be the biggest user base tomorrow.

Don’t shun those slightly behind the tech curve. They’re not slow or dumb, they just have different priorities. As tech becomes simpler and more human, we’ll be able to streamline so, so many more processes that right now take too long.

The future belongs to everyone, not just the geeks helping create it.