Setting up your EventDay Mobile App

When you download EventDay.WF (Work Flow) from the Marketplace, you’re downloading the same app everyone else in the world is. In order to Configure your Mobile App, to work with your Event, The app asks you to scan a Configuration code. This is an instruction set, that we have embedded into a QRCode. It’s pretty nice. You simple scan the QRCode, and the app is ready to use.

One complication is, that we do have several places in the App, where we display QRCodes, and a common mistake is to try and scan the Marketing URL QRCode, in which case the Application (on your phone) shows an error. In this example, Windows Phone is showing the Error. (We also support Android, and IPhone, which would show the same error).


Here is a quick Screen Shot, that shows the Appropriate Mobile Setup Code.

  1. 1. Open Settings
  2. 2. Click on Mobile Setup
  3. 3. Scan the QRCode


Special Thanks to Twitter Power User: @SaramgSilva for her help on this post!

Introduction to EventDay Evaluations

Built into EventDay is the ability to collect both anonymous and named (from tickets) evaluations. Setting this up is easy, fast, and you’ll be collecting data in just a few minutes.
This screencast walks you through setting up a new eval from scratch, and is meant to be an introduction to Evals in General.
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