On Demand Badge + Multi Document Printing

Do you ask your event Attendees: “Will you please fill out this form?” when they arrive? Maybe it’s a Media Waiver, or Meal Preferences, or something else? If you do, it’s probably slow and painful, and you’ll love this new feature!

EventDay now has the ability to Print on Demand, additional Mail-Merged Documents as your attendee arrives. So right next to the Name Badge (also printed on demand) is the second, or third, or Nth document you needed to print.

AND IT’S MAIL-MERGED 🙂 so that means the attendee doesn’t have to fill out the form with all the data you already collected during registration.

Print. Sign, Go.

Fast and Faster, just the way we like it.

To use this feature … setup a document under Settings / Documents. For the Mail Merge we use a combination of XML, XSLT, and SVG, which get’s a little nerdy, but it get’s the job done.

Once you have your document saved, head over to Tickets > (Edit Ticket) > Triggers, and add a new Trigger. You’ll probably use “Tendered” which fires when the user checks in, and add a document print trigger, select the document you just created, and click save.


You could also take advantage for this, on a COMPLETE trigger, and print a shipping label in your warehouse? This would help you automate fulfillment if you’re sending something to each attendee. As each ticket is “Completed” (just after “Pending”) the print job would fire.

It’s really nice, and we’re getting great feedback from our customers on this feature.