Moderation: Yeah, we have that!

Problem Statement: You have 50-20000 people in a room or stadium, and you want to accept questions from the Audience. We have a Public, a Semi-Private, and an in room only Private solution, to the age old Moderation problem. Here is a quick run down of each solution.

Public: Use a twitter hash tag. Our moderation tool allows you to monitor twitter for a search phrase, and “Approve” comments. These approved comments show up on a monitor, or the projector, for the panel to answer.

Semi-Private: Use texting ( AKA, SMS ). We can assign a private SMS number for people to Text in Questions. If this number is only given out to people in the room, it’s pretty safe, but can still be leaked. Again, approved questions can be surfaced to any monitor or even the main projector.

Private – In this room only: We scan badges as people come into the room. This “checks them in” and then using the Mobile Application for Windows Phone, Android, or Apple, private questions can be submitted.

Please contact us if any of this is interesting for you to use, at your event or conference!