Giant Step for EventDay May 6, 2011

Over the last eight months, we’ve worked with many many events. Some as low as 25 attendees with the City of Chandler, and some with thousands of attendees such as Microsoft. And every size event in between. We’re event planners for life at heart, and we’ve been studying your event bottlenecks. As an Event Planner, which you’re running you’re own event, it’s sometimes hard to see how things could be improved, although we all long for improvement. Nothing is more gratifying than the end of a show with a client that keeps talking and bragging about how great PHENOMENAL of an event you and your team created. Our main goal for Event Planner technology is to make a better experience for all the personas of your event. The Organizer. The Sponsor. The Speaker. and of course the Attendee.

During these events, EventDay has fully supplied the hardware, the staff, and all the technology. So, to-date, we have been on site for every event. This means that we were using our own tools, or “Dog-Fooding” as it’s known in the industry. Today, May 6, 2011, we successfully deployed all the technology for an event, where we were not present, and the entire event was a huge success.

This is a huge step for us. We obviously can’t scale if we have to be in person at every event. So our goal is to learn from our own experience, as well as take advice from our clients, to build great software that assists in running great events. We’re now in the process of sewing all the technology together into a debut version that is publicly consumable. An app where you’ll be able to sign in, and then create and manager your entire event online.

We’re aiming for very simple software. Riding on the success stories of many Internet leaders, we’re aiming for small, fast, easy to use software. Watch for our new home page design in the coming weeks. (today we redirect the home page to this blog)

To the hundreds of early adopters that have trusted us with your events, we thank you. We look forward to many thousands of great events, and working with many millions of attendees at those events.