Gangplank Anchor has big night

(We often work out of startup/collaborative workspace Gangplank most days, and the full version of this post, EventDay Has Big Night, originally appeared on their blog in November 2010)

EventDay hasn’t launched yet. In fact, it won’t be introduced the world until early next year.

But Gangplank anchor Scott Cate doesn’t much care. Called upon nearly two months ago by Microsoft to write a web-based registration app for their UndergroundPDC party in L.A. on November 9. A week before the event, Microsoft called. They wanted Cate to handle the entire registration process, including staffing and running the registration tables at the event, to be held at L.A. Live.

Cate knew his app was ready. He had the equipment. He needed 12 people to staff an event six hours away and couldn’t hire just anyone. He needed people on short notice with enough tech skills to quickly process people, presentable enough to impress the top brass and sociable enough to do additional tasks the event might require.

Katie Charland overheard Cate talking about this and told me. Three texts to my music producer friend Kyle Townsend later, we had seven people, including me, ready to go. Cate found a few more helpers and we took off to L.A. on Monday morning to prep the equipment, scout the location and plan out the Tuesday night event.

Prep went well, all the workers showed up on time and Microsoft was extremely happy.

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